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Fireweed preserves

I made fireweed preserves with the vast amount of plants in front and around my cabin this summer. The process is quite easy, and can sustain your jam needs through the summer, depending on how much you wildcraft. 😉

I personally only take what I need. I believe in the ethics of wildcrafting, in which  you harvest one or two discovered patches and leave the rest to others to discover and forage.

You simply boil the flowers for about 2 hours, strain them and let it sit for about 5 hours once you mix in the sugar, and pectin if you like. I opt out on the pectin and add a little rhubarb to thicken it up.

I find this recipe very tasty and highly recommend it.

Happy foraging!

Low-Bush Cranberries in the Interior

What an abundant plant this summer! I foraged a lot of cranberries this summer, and struggled a bit with how to eat them.

(They are quite bitter)

I ended up making a cranberry jam/sauce mixed with sugar, onion, and pepper. Strange combination that is actually very tasty on almost anything!

Wild cranberries can be hard to really find a good, and enjoyable use for, but when mixed with enough ingredients can be good.

Need less to say, cranberries are also very accessible in this area and we should become accustomed to eating the native plants, since it is the most sustainable way of eating.