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Cornell Berry Diagnostics

The Cornell Cooperative Extensions Berry Diagnostic Tool is an excellent resource for anyone growing or interested in strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants, and gooseberries. This online tool allows anyone to select a berry crop and then from a variety of descriptions of plant growth issues, deformities, discolorations, damage, or other indicator that occurs on the whole plant, flower, fruit, or vegetative to continue to diagnose the issue. Lots of photographs and links to in depth articles are included about many diagnoses to really get to the “root” of the issue. Finally, recommendations for management of the issue can be selected after referring to the images and descriptions
Citation: Cornell Cooperative Extension. 2016. Cornell Fruit Berry Diagnostic Tool. Available online: Diagnosis. Accessed: 12 October 201

Bye Bye Birdie-Bird Management Strategies for Small Fruit

Heidenreich, Cathy. 2007. Bye Bye Birdie-Bird Management Strategies for Small Fruit. New York Berry News Vol. 6, No. 6. Available online Bird deterrents.  Accessed: 7 October 2016.

Great article about effects of birds on small fruit, i.e. berry, crops and review of exclusion and deterrent devices and techniques. The article discusses how to address the issue from decision making process through construction of complete exclusion structures to a variety of deterrent strategies, along with cost estimates. An excellent resource for home gardener to small scale farm.