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The benefits of bear scat!

Did you know Pyrenees brown bears travel between 0.5 and 0.8 miles after they have gorged themselves on berries before they have to leave a deposit somewhere? That’s how far bears can transport seeds such as wild blueberry and raspberry from their favorite berry harvesting sites. Now think about it from the plant standpoint. That’s not a bad way to get your genes transported all over the landscape rather quickly!

bear dispersal

Cutting Propagation Experiments

What is the need for hormone treatments in vegetative propagation? Perhaps this article will help decide. The author surely can’t be all that bad. It has experiments with highbush cranberry, bog blueberry, and soapberry. Cutting propagation

Blueberry Seed Extraction

Extract the seeds from berries. This is a simple statement – but not very clear to an amateur who has never done this either at home or in a lab. So of course, Google, comes to the rescue! I found this link from the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Maine which explains how to extract seeds from blueberries. This procedure could easily be done with other types of berries. Blueberry Seed Extraction