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Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup Today I was lucky enough to take a workshop at the Eagle River Nature Center presented by Chief Naturalist Ute Olsson.  She covered a lot of ground.  The ERNC calendar is here with a brief description of the workshop: Workshop announcement.  In the workshop we made elderberry syrup.   Elderberries are highly regarding for their nutraceutical properties.  The workshop presented a recipe found on Wellness Mamas website which can be found here: Elderberry Syrup.  The dried elderberries we used were actually quite tasty on their own and had a chocolate hint to them.



Elderberry – Sambucus species. The newest additions to our edible landscape process are some plants of the Sambucus species. This summer, I traded a friend for a native elderberry plant. I also purchased two different cultivars of Sambucus nigra Samdal and Samyl, which have the traditional purple/black berries. A third variety of Sambucus canadensis was purchased at the Alaska Botanical Garden this summer. To round out my collection, I picked up two plants of the cultivar “Black Lace”, which is also a cultivar of Sambucus nigra. I purchased these two at a summer clearance sale at a local box store. After getting them home, I discovered they are a zone 4 or better plant and keep them in large pots which are moved into the a protected area for the winter. With the exception of the Black Lace cultivars, the others will be planted in the south and west perimeter of my dome greenhouse. Three of the Sambucus nigra were planted the summer of 2014 and grew very well this summer. The Sambucus canadensis plant will stay in the protection of the greenhouse this winter as it didn’t have a lot of vigorous growth this summer. This spring, it will go out with the other three. The Black Lace will remain in pots to be placed outside the greenhouse door to entice pollinators to visit. I haven’t decided where to place the native plant, but may try and gather a few more plants to add to the perimeter of our property. D.B.