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Aronia Cultivation and Research

This article summarizes current research at Iowa State on Aronia cultivation.  It includes short summaries on field cultivation all the way to health benefits.

Aronia Berries

And these researchers in Wisconsin are honing in on the antioxidant components of Aronia and whether they can be absorbed by animal systems. Lots of berries have many chemicals labeled as antioxidants, but many of them never make it out of the intestines or into the brain, so their value may not be what is claimed.

Aronia berries and antioxidants


Sorbus and Aronia

Another berry I was wondering about is Sorbus (Mountain ash) and Aronia (chokeberries). It is very typical berry in Russia. Red Sorbus is used a lot for crafts – kids will make necklaces out of it. Aronia is used in jams, preserves and compote.

Sorbus and Aronia