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Alaska Gooseberry Club?

This is an interesting article about gooseberries from a farm that is bringing them back.  Perhaps we need a Gooseberry Club in Alaska to reinvigorate the craze of years past.  Check out the picture of the world’s largest gooseberry!  Who’s up to the challenge? Gooseberries


Arctic Berry Harvesting- Churchill, Canada

This site lists the common berries found in and around Churchill,Canada and great information about the berries, photos,  and personal harvesting reports, as well as tidbits about wildlife and birds in the area. Churchill, Canada Berries. It includes kinnikinnick, wild blueberries, bunchberries, cloudberries, bog cranberries, crowberries, gooseberries, raspberries, lingonberries and highbush cranberries.

Gooseberries and Currants

Specialty crop profile from Virginia Cooperative extension on gooseberries and currants!

Gooseberries and Currants

Gooseberry Facts

Very interesting article on history and background of gooseberries.  Recipe included.

Gooseberry Facts

Gooseberries from Purdue

This is a great flyer from Purdue Univ. on gooseberries with some info on currants.  Caveat:  They do say “good for Indiana” but I”m sure some of the info is applicable up here.
Gooseberries- Purdue