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Color and antioxidants in bot blueberry wine

This is an interesting article from China that examines the changes in antioxidants of bog blueberry in winemaking as the wines age.

V. ulig wind

Black Currant Liqueur

How to make your own Creme de Cassis, Black Currant Liqueur.  First off, I love the name of this blog (Use Real Butter), and this is a great step-by-step way to make a fruit liqueur with berries and vodka.  (And off topic, check out how to make your own Vanilla Extract.)  Currant Liqueur

Alaska Berry Wine

I was thinking about local berry farms and berry products, and here is one more way to use berries- – wine. Alaska Berry Wine I would be curious to try some of those, I’m typically thinking about grapes when I think of wine, but I guess there is nothing wrong in making it from other berries. Or (check this website) even rhubarb….

Alaska Wineries

At least two wineries that I know of make wine using Alaska berries. Bear Creek Winery in Homer (Bear Creek Winery) makes wine with many different grapes and even rhubarb. They do tastings at the winery and the wines are available in Fairbanks.

I haven’t tried any of Alaska Berries wines (Alaska Berries) but they advertise 100% Alaska berry wines!