Berry ripeness

For someone who has never picked berries before, I found a site that almost gives step-by-step instructions on how/when to pick certain type of berries. I learned a little bit more about exactly when to harvest berries right down to the time of day. Reading through the article by Amy Grant called “Berrie Harvest Time: Best Time to Pick Berries in the Garden” and she said, “The best time to pick berries in the garden is in the early morning hours before the heat builds up in the fruit,” (Grant, p. 5, Gardening Know How). Having harvested berries on my own, I can relate to Grant when she talks about knowing when a berry is ripe enough to be picked. Later in the article, Grant moves on to mentioning what certain berries should look like before picking. For example, she says, “The number one reason for sour blackberries is harvesting too early.”, (Grant, p.6 Gardening Know How). Some berries may seem to look the same all year round, but I’ve learned to pay attention to the texture of the berry and not just color or size. AK Wasilla

Berry Harvest Time: Best Time To Pick Berries In The Garden

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