Raspberry Bushy Dwarf virus on Nagoonberry (Arctic Bramble)

“New Host for Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus: Arctic Bramble (Rubus Arcticus)”

RBDV was identified in three new host plants of the rubus species : Arctic Bramble, Alaskan Arctic Bramble, and their hybrid. It was identified through the same symptoms found in the test plants,  Chenopodium quinoa and C. Amaranticolor. The presence of the virus affecting sucrose density, protein analyses in gel electrophoresis, and experimental plots are studied. KH Fairbanks

Haimi, P. Karenlampi, S. Kokko, H. Lemmety, A. 1996. “New Host for Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus: Arctic Bramble (Rubus Arcticus).” European Journal of Plant Pathology 102(7): 713-717.

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