Mycorrhizal Fungi in Alaska

This is a good informational bulletin about mycorrhizal fungi in Alaska. It provides information about ectomycorrhizae as well as arbuscular mycorrhizae, unfortunately it glances over Ericoid, Arbutiod, and orchid mycorrhizae. The bulletin describes the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi, which include increased: absorption of water and nutrient, phosphorus uptake, nitrogen fixing in legumes, production of plant growth hormones and enhanced soil characteristics. It also discusses cultural practices that might jeopardize existing mycorrhizae as well as an inoculation overview. CZ Anchorage
Ianson, D. and J. Smeenk. 2014. Mycorrhizae in the Alaska Landscape. Available online: Mycorrhizal fungi. Accessed: 17 October 2016.

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