Berries in Alaska

I saw a post/comment on this paper on the Hort Alaska Berry Blog. Most Alaskans surveyed (from 73 communities) thought that berry supplies were more variable and had declined in recent years. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case, but I also wonder if our memories would mislead us to accurately remember past berry years. I guess the number of containers you pick from year to year would be a good indicator. If berry supplies are more variable and declining, that would be a good case for managing wild stands to some degree or cultivating berries. It’s also interesting to see how your location influences which berries you pick. Apparently, I am solidly an Interior berry picker that finds blueberries to be the most important berry. But, that probably means there is less competition for other berries such as cloudberries, nagoonberries, and cranberries. It is pretty cut throat at the blueberry patches here in Interior Alaska.
Hupp, J., Brubaker, M., Wilkinson, K., & Williamson, J. 2015.  How are your berries? Perspectives of Alaska’s environmental managers on trends in wild berry abundance. Available online: Berries. Accessed on 11 Oct, 2016.

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