Currants in Cooking

I am fascinated by the material on currants as well as the wide variation in taste between black currants, red currants, ect. My grandma has always been obsessed with currants and grows them in Anchorage and Palmer. I’ve enjoyed her currant jam. I don’t think she’s ever tried black currant jam. I will be looking for ‘Swedish Black’ at the Georgeson Botanical Garden plant sale next year.
With such a wide range in sweetness and tartness between cultivars and species, I wonder if at a minimum, the different species require specific recipes? For example, should the recipe state whether or not it is for black currants (Ribes nigrum)or red currants (Ribes sativum)? As opposed to a general “currant” publication or general recipe which is what we currently have at Cooperative Extension. HR Fairbanks
J. Cascio. 2012. Currants. University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service. FNH-00115. Available at: Cooperative Extension Service

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