Blueberries in the lower 48

Here is a video of farmed blueberries from harvest to table. This is an interesting video because it brings to life the concept of big farming for something I simply go out a pick. I find that store bought blueberries, like most fruits and vegies shipped to Alaska just don’t have the flavor that fresh does, but while watching this video and all the plump blues on the conveyor belt had my mouth watering. There is a small part in the video that tells us a little about which states produce the most farmed blueberries. I wonder how Alaskan wild berry stands would compare to the commercial berry farms. Either way, I prefer the serenity as well as the taste that goes with hand harvesting wild berry stands rather than the “run of the mill” farmed berries.


Blueberries From Farm to Table. 2011. Blueberries. Available online: Accessed 28 Sept. 2016.

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