Hepatitis A and berries

Hepatitis A.  The Sydney Morning Herald National News Article.  The article above talks about a Hepatitis A outbreak in Australia February 2015 caused by frozen raspberries. I thought it was funny because as I was reading it, I was drinking a frozen fruit smoothie. All of the berries picked in Chili were shipped to China for washing and then distributed around in different countries. This article caught my eye not only because it was out of the country and different but the fact that I had no idea I could catch a disease from a berry. “Given the very broad spread of this product, its popularity and its very long shelf life, it’s not unexpected that we will get other cases,” (AAP, p.10), says Mark O’Connor, a compensation lawyer. At the time the article was written, about 18 people had been diagnosed. AK Wasilla

One response to “Hepatitis A and berries

  1. The berry itself does not contain Hep A. Berries are contaminated mostly by harvesters not washing their hands or from other contaminated fruits, wash water, etc. It is the processing and handling that is the culprit, not the berry. 


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