Uses of Berries

As we are learning more about wild & cultivated berries of Alaska, I was wondering what others uses berries might have. I found a page made by Tanana Chief’s Conference and wanted to include the information they have on their website!

Spruce Tree needles –

Symptoms: Burns, Childbirth, colds/ flu, sinus infections, sore throat, stomach troubles, tuberculosis, urinary problems, stomach issues, cuts or scrapes, skin troubles, childbirth.

How to use: Boil needles to release scent in air, you can also bathe in the needles, chew the needles, steam, or salve.

Burns: Heat spruce pitch and apply to relieve

Colds/Flu: Spruce bark tea/Spruce needle tea

Childbirth: Mixture of Spruce gum/ charcoal applied to child’s navel Most common uses: Spruce Bark & Spruce Pitch will be either boiled or chewed for applications

Rose Hips –

Symptoms: Rose hips are high in Vitamin C, A, B, E, & K. Good for immune system, heart/circulatory systems, nervous system, anti-inflammatory

How to use:

Skin: Rose hip oil can help with moisturization, and can be used to treat scars and acne

Burns: Rose Hip oil can be used as a soothing treatment on skin burns Organ Systems: Can help with the immune, digestive, reproductive, and heart/circulatory/nervous systems.

Most common uses: Rose hips are used in a tea, eaten raw, cooked, made into jelly.

TCC’s Guide to Natural Medicine. Uses of Berries Accessed 21 Sept, 2016.

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