High bush cranberry – ketchup

High bush Cranberry…..Ketchup?

I attended an extremely small K-8 grade school in Moose Pass, Alaska. When I was in probably 3rd or 4th grade our school went out high bush cranberry picking, most of the kids did not appreciate the berries because of their tartness, but that is when our teacher came up with this brilliant idea. All of the kids loved the smiley face “French Fries”, but we would always go through copious amounts of ketchup when we had them. So our teacher found a recipe to make ketchup out of high bush cranberries. The process for making the ketchup can be tedious, but it is very rewarding and you end up canning it, so it lasts! A very important factor for Alaskan lifestyle of living. Follow the site bellow to learn how to make this delicious twist on your favorite condiment. BE. Moose Pass
Beachcomber, A. 2012. Highbush Cranberry Ketchup. Available online:http://www.alaskafloatsmyboat.com/beachcombing/2012/12/14/highbush-cranberry-ketchup accessed 14 Sept. 2016.

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