Secret spots

Blueberry picking is a huge thing in Alaska, when those berries come it is no surprise that everyone is out picking at all hours on any day! One thing that has become common in having a secret berry picking spot. Once you find a spot that you love, that location will never be told to others. I grew up berry picking and my family and I would travel hours to find the perfect spot for berry picking. As I’ve been getting older I have been realizing that people aren’t so keen on telling their berry picking locations, perhaps they want to keep going back for more, or they just don’t want anyone to know. I wonder if it has always been this way, or if it is because of some other factor. Could it be that with the changing climate and weather people are becoming more and more protective of their spots? It is interesting to think about!  LF Fairbanks

One response to “Secret spots

  1. There have always been “secret” berry spots in Alaska. But none of them are truly secret.


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