Raisins, Juniper berries and rheumatoid arthritis?

Gin-soaked raisins for rheumatoid arthritis?

My mother has RA, and her doctor told her that one folklore remedy is to soak raisins in gin, and eat 9 raisins every day.  While I’m all for enjoying the occasional drink with or without dried fruit, this seemed a bit funny to me, and I have done a little bit of surfing for more info.  Juniper berries used to flavor quality gin ARE known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  Raisins (yellow raisins specifically) are treated with sulfur dioxide to keep their color, and sulfur may have anti-inflammatory effects.  Plus raisins, like many fruits, have anti-oxidant properties.

Pro:  The People’s Pharmacy People’s Pharmacy

Con:  Snopes.com Snopes Review

In the Middle:Alternative Daily

Verdict?  If you like raisins, and you like gin, it probably won’t hurt you and maaaaybe it will help.  Don’t like raisins or gin, or don’t drink alcohol?  Skip it!

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