Invasive Berries

I was curious to know if there were any invasive species that also served as popular berry harvesting crops, and found an article about the beloved scourge of Himalayan blackberries (Rubus armeniacus) in Seattle. These thorny shrubs readily colonize disturbed soils. The problem is so bad, a Rent-a-Ruminant business was spawned to sustainably address the issue. They owner specializes in urban areas and runs a goat herd 120 strong.

All that being said, the berry holds a special place with foragers throughout the city. I’m sure it’s easy to forget how destructive they are when your house smells like fruit pie. Bittman, M. and D. Gardner. 2008. Deliciously invasive: Himalayan blackberries in the Pacific Northwest. Available online: Invasive Berries

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