A good year for Blueberries in Interior Alaska (if you had the right elements at your spot)

This year was phenomenally prolific for me in my quest for blueberries. Early and abundant, then continued production all the way through mid-August. This was not the report that I heard from everyone I know who seeks the Interior blueberry.  Hit and miss, no show, or picked out was what I heard more than anything else. We travel far and wide to find the best spots and have a few different areas scoped out for different types of seasons. When spot x is showing nothing, spot y will usually be flush and so on. This proved to be right on the money again this year and while a few spots were low yielding, most of our others were fantastic. The combination of factors that leads to good berry yields has always fascinated me and continues today.  The Peninsula Clarion ran a story this year pointing out the difference between regions and spots on berry harvest.

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