Good Books about Berries

Here are a few of my favorite books which include lots of great information on berries in Alaska. Anyone interested in collecting berries in Alaska should add these books to their personal library.

This book identifies most of the edible, non-edible and poisonous plants in Alaska. The big plus with this books are all the recipes provided.

Editors of ALASKA® magazine. 1984. Alaska wild berry guide and cookbook. Alaska Northwest Publishing Company. Alaska.

I’m still reading and exploring this book. Lots of information on medicinal uses and how to harvest and prepare your goodies.

Gray, B. 2011. The boreal herbal. Wild food and Medicine plants of the North. Aroma Borealis Press. Yukon.

This was one of my first Alaskan plant reference books. It was written by one of the pioneers of Alaskan edibles and should be in everyone’s library.

Heller, C.A. 1993. Wild edible and poisonous plants of Alaska. University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska.

Verna has explored many areas of Alaska documenting and with her husband, Frank, photographing much of it as well. Her book fits well into a hip pocket and should accompany anyone foraging for Alaskan berries.

Pratt, V.E. 2001/ Alaska’s wild berries and berry-like fruit. Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd, Hong Kong.

This book is a brief compilation of Janice’s larger book and is also a great one to take out while harvesting.

Schofield, J. J. 1999. Alaska’s wild plants. A guide to Alaska’s edible harvest. Alaska Northwest Books. Oregon.

This is a must have book. Janice has thoroughly explored each plant within the book’s covers. She provides great anecdotal information which brings to life each and every plant.

Schofield, J.J. 2014. Discovering wild plants. Alaska, Western Canada, the Northwest. Eaton, New Zealand.

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