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Endophytic microbiome in crowberry? What?

I have to admit. I had to look up what endophytic micro biome was, but it is truly fascinating. They are microbes that live inside plant tissues, in this case, the crowberry, Empetrum nigrum. The authors identified one of these microbes inside the crowberry that has antibacterial activity, specifically a Staphylococcus bacterium. They propose that the presence of this endophyte might have value in the pharmaceutical industry to fight bacterial diseases. So the crowberry itself is not antibacterial. It’s a litter microbe inside the tissues! empetrum

Bioactivity and Health Considerations

A very well done paper on the bioactivity and health considerations of many o the berries we have studied during this course. (Vaccinium ovalifolium, Vaccinium uliginosum, Rubus spectabilis, Rubus chamaemorus, Empetrum nigrum)  I like that they chose 3 different locations in Alaska, but I think they could have done without climate change in the title, for it was almost not even addressed.  A good read nonetheless.  Antioxidants

Crowberries in smoothies?

Crowberry Each year I while picking berries I come across tons of crowberries.  I’ve never picked more than a handful purposefully.  Sometimes they get mixed in with my blueberries.  I’ve often thought about coming back and picking them at a later time.  It looks like there would be lots of good reasons to go back.  This website based in Finland has an informative section on crowberries.  Crowberries They contain some of the same compounds as cranberries that people take for urinary tract health and heart disease.   While I don’t think I’d want to use crowberries in jams or pies on their own, their health benefits and abundance seemingly everywhere in Alaska may make them a useful addition to breakfast smoothies and yogurt.